A Boy and His Invention

A bit blurry b/c I took a photo (dont have an A3 scanner). This is a page in a book I am considering working on, focusing on Nathaniel - the boy in the pic. Click on t, to enlarge the image for more details :)

Clown Picture

I wanted to make a quick picture for the kids bedroom. I chose a section out of my circus picture that would look good by itself and enlarged it and changed a few colours around.

Winter Theme

I have always loved looking at snow pictures as a child, but thought it would be too hard to draw. It was a fun challenge. I used a lot of blues and purples to create a cold feel.

This is just a photo of the picture, haven't scanned it in properly yet.

Mini Band

I did this quick little one for Pete for Father's Day. He plays drums and sax and thats me strumming the guitar :)

The Crazy Shoe House

This picture is based on "There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe"

I wanted to create a hectic Shoe House with kids going crazy everywhere, full of drama and excitement.

Jonah and the Big Fish

Obviously, based on Jonah and the Big Fish :)
I tried to create an interesting seabed and some freaked out looking fish.

The Circus

Here's a Circus Scene. There's a lot of things happening and lots of colours everywhere.
Students that I show my artwork to often like this one the best. I think because there is so much to look at. I think it's maybe a little bit cramped. It was fun to create though.

A Day at the Beach

A Holiday Picture. This one is Pete's favourite. There's lots of little stories and splashes of colour around, but its not as hectic as the circus scene (better thought out composition)


I always loved looking at imaginary little worlds as a child. This is a simple little picture where the houses and cars are made out of cupcakes, with icing and lollies adding colour around.


Nativity Scene

A Nativity Scene. I wanted it to be a little bit different, so the stable is inside a cave in a hillside. I chucked the shepherds up on a hill (with some cheeky sheep) and Bethlehem in the distance.
Plus added the Wisemen's camels and gifts...magically appearing before baby Jesus is born....

Noah's Ark